Usk'tur, creating the land of stone, Rgatikie

Usk'tur is a Del who was summoned through the Great Barrier by an unknown force. He created the land of Rgatikie along the Dwarves. He is the God of the Stone and Earth.

Forms[edit | edit source]

Usk'tur as a Del'ir can take many forms, known ones including:

  • Giant
  • Mountain

History[edit | edit source]

Usk'tur was born to Aphyth, God of Sands, and N'laysha, the Goddess of Heat, Apyth's Wife and Daughter, unlike most Del. He fashioned Rgatikie mainly by falling to the ground and raising mountains, along with this he moved a few tectonic plates. His very presence caused the land around Him to turn to stone and precious gems. It took much effort to make the Dwarves due to his inaccurate and bulky form.

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