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Saelonthor is one of the seven continents of Dawn. It is widely known as the home of the Snow Elves.

A glimpse of a lake nearby a Kryossiom Shrine. Notice the Snow Elves driving a boat into the cave, where the shrine is located.

Surface Details[]

Saelonthor is a region of massive ice mountains and strong, sturdy glaciers. Immense rivers strike through the province, making water travel quite easy for the natives. Peaks of snow reach limitless heights for people to explore.


The highest peak in all of Saelonthor is the mountain known as Trusrethor, translated to Traitor's Home. It is currently home to the Moon Elves, who were banished to the top of the mountain by the Snow Elves because of their worship of the False Gods. They still continue their worship and practice at the peak and attempt to summon these False Gods to take revenge on their kin.


The main inhabitants of Saelonthor are the Snow Elves, a wise race of elves who truly appreciate the snowy homeland. They have built many temples and shrines to their god, and continue to do so.

Deer, Frost Spiders, Wyverns, and even Dragons, the Frost Dragons and their two legged counterparts, the Bright Wyverns, thrive in Saelonthor. Other inhabitants include the Moon Elves, who have been banished to a small village at the peak of Trusrethor for their worship in the False Gods.


Saelonthor was once nothing more than an ocean that was there since the creation of Dawn, until the God Kryossiom used his great magic to create a small land. It was large, yet water still flooded it; it was unsuitable for life. He froze water up to create vast mountains of ice. He created the land known as Saelonthor.