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Del's Tongue is a language spoken only by Del. So far no attempts at translating it have worked, though the meanings of some words are close. Even a single word has power in it that no other species can fathom. Due to the length of words, according to a few who have seen them, it is possible the Del have lots of time on their hands to speak it as some sentences may take hours or days to say in our dimension.


Del's Tongue is spoken only by Del and nobody, Elves or not, have managed to translate it, though this is not helped by the fact only one book of Del's Tongue exists. The characters and symbols in it damage the brain and eyes from a brief glance. It is theorised that the language cannot be spoken on Dawn and only on Thornum, creating the idea that the laws of physics are different there.


While translations are unknown to mortals, they are known to the Del, though to mortals alone there are no patterns in it, while the Del see many. As every syllable hurts a mortals ears, it is theorised that every word is spoken in multiple dimensions at once.