Kryossiom is the God of Snow, Ice, and Cold. He is the son of Maltayr and Exor, and creator of the land of Saelonthor.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kryossiom in his dragon form, soaring through Saelonthor.

Kryossiom prefers the form of a Golden Frost Dragon  while in Dawn. Like most Golden Frost Dragons, he has quite large wings, small limbs, and a long slim body. He has silvery scales protecting his body all over, as any Del is much weaker in Dawn, as their soul is tethered back to Thornum.

As a Golden Frost Dragon, he has shimmering orange frills atop his small head and small gold spines trailing down his spine, off on to his tail.

History[edit | edit source]

Kryossiom was born in the early year of 0001, birthed as the first child not by Takronox and Emora, but instead Maltayr and Exor. Kryossiom is one of the most worshipped gods, as he is worshipped by the Snow Elves, who live a very religious life. He has influenced them from when they were first born, along with his land Saelonthor in 0002. When they were the first race to successfully summon a Del, proving their existance, in 0048, he was allowed to gift them with magic superior to any race at the time. This higher power allowed them to thrive and eventually enslave the Moon Elves, who were forced to worship Kryossiom until (in the year of 4025) they were banished to the peak of Trusrethor for worship of a new and "artificial" race of Del, the Del'kye. These Del were created in 4023 purely by the strong hate of Moon Elves towards the Snow Elves.

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