Welcome to Dawn and the World of Dawn Wiki! This project was started on August 19th, 2013 by Zeokx.

Rising Chaos is a little project that sprouted off of Medieval Universes Wiki because the lack of activity. This is not a copy of that wiki, this is an entire new project. We may use some characters, places, images, or other objects from that universe, but this is a whole different reality.

Now that you know about that stuff, let me give you an intro to the world of Dawn:

In a magical and mysterious world known as Dawn, war is rising. Seven continents are in the start of a war; a war that will determine the fate of the world. These seven regions are known as: Dakmeri, Emria, Raxus, Dezran, Tyrashia, Rgatikie, and Saelonthor. Each continent has its own government and relations.

The main civil races of Dawn include:

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