Half Giant after decapitating a Human

Half Giants live in Dezran and are at constant war with the Sand Elves throughout all their history.

Physiology[edit | edit source]

The Half Giants are equivalent to an Orc Banisher, being 9 feet high. However their army is entirely like that. They resemble a large bulky human, although they are not classified as a main inhabitant of Dawn. They live in the Dezran and rely on the Sand Elves for food and war. It is common for human ambassadors to be decapitated by them and then have their heads rammed on a pike. Tatoos are common among them and the more you have the better you are in Half Giant Culture.

Military[edit | edit source]

The military is entirely unorganised and it works by one group is here, another is here. Any other tactics and they will get confused by what to do.

They are in a losing war with their food, the Sand Elves. They are under siege in their last fort, Ir'hone (True Stone). 3 of 4 walls have fallen.

Half Giant Sketch

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