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Drow Warrior

Drow are an Elf type, and speak Common Tongue with a few words of Elven. They are allowed (by the Dark Elves) to live in a isolated forest area in Dakmeri.


Drow are a crossbreed of Dwarves and Dark Elves, with dark bluish purple skin colour obtained from the Dark Elves. Like all Elves, they have four limbs, two arms and legs, with pointed ears. Drow rely of surprise for most of their attacks, but they can easily defend a wall due to their massive immobile clockwork cannons. These weapons scare the attackers as they can destroy entire regiments with a few shots, and the noise of them is deafening from afar. A one shot handheld version has been made though. Drow live to be around 400 and have two eyelids.


The Drow Culture is about perfecting the art of war. They will consistantly invent new clockwork objects, a trait gained from their Dwarven precursors, such as the crossbow, which is favoured among the Drow as its design allows it to automatically reload its bolts.

The Drow also have many scientists that invent a new war machine every few weeks. They share some of these, such as the Trebuchet, in their part of the Dark Elf Legion. They use Moonstone from the mines in Saelonthor for weapons and armour, along with some other objects such as the Matriarch's Throne.


Drow Empress on the Matriarch's Throne

The Drow head of Government is the Empress, currently Asuarian Usk XIII. She is completely ruthless and merciless. She uses a slave permenantly chained to her chair as a foot rest and nobody turns an eye. Asuarian will also execute people for no reason and everyone is fine with this. She is the kindest ruler the Drow have ever had, while the cruelest was Asuarian Usk VI, who was also completely insane and as such as massacared an entire city as their governor was fat. He was executed for mass murder and treason against his people.


Darkmoon Armour, Shield and Sword

The Drow's military all answer to the reigning Empress. There are many armaments in it, mainly made of a sturdy alloy of Moonstone and a metal known as Drow's Steel. Most use this alloy, known as Darkmoon Alloy, for maces and armour with a curved weaving pattern allowing it to reach its maximum potential. Armour is usually webbed with the alloy.


  • Mace (Darkmoon Alloy)
  • Sword (Darkmoon Alloy)
  • Halberd (Darkmoon Alloy)
  • Crossbow (Clockwork)
  • Handcannon (Clockwork)
  • Flail (Maltrio)
  • Whip (Maltrio)
  • Spear (Maltrio)