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An extremely large Scarlet Dragon.

Dragons are a race of sapient creatures living in every continent of Dawn, usually as high predators, although Dragons have become quite rare. They are commonly confused with Wyverns, their two legged cousin.


Note: This is a description of most dragon-kind. All dragons are different in size, shape, and more; however most dragons followe this description.

Most dragons have the same body build: a flat body with four or rarely, more, limbs, usually used primarily as legs. Behind these legs sprouts a long tail, often with protective spines. Up front the body, a high neck developes and rises our, where a head stands. Dragons usually have some form of spikes, horns, or other decorative/useful form of weaponry. Now down back to the main body, two, in most cases, wings jut out from the body, providing the dragon with its main form of transportation. Dragons seem to be very well built, capable of taking down large foes, but that's not all. Dragons have large claws on all limbs and usually have massive, razor sharp teeth. They are also quite a large size, the smallest being around 6 feet long on all fours, while some have been reported to be hundreds of feet long.


Although 90% cannot speak, most dragons are capable of some form of magic. This magic is often heard to us as deep roars and low growls, as it is spoken in Dragon Tongue, which can access the normal words of common magic.


Some dragons (around 25%) speak Dragon Tongue, a language that is said using a complex mixture of deep roars and low growls. Common Magic is also spoken in a slightly different version in this language.

A rare percentage of dragons are capable of learning other languages.

A List of Known Species[]

Here you can find a list of all the known species of dragon-kind:

  • Desert Dragon - These Dragon stalk Dezran for their prey.
  • Frost Dragon - These Dragons live in Saelonthor and have contact with Bright Wyverns.
  • Grass Dragon - This Dragon lives in Emria and stalks the plains and forests for easy prey as the most common type of Dragon.
  • Metallic Dragon - These Dragons were made by the Dwarves as a method to disguise their attack of one of Dragons, though they are made for combat and able to drill through walls at high speeds.
  • Kos Dragon - These are more like Komodo Dragons than Scarlets with four legs. These are the one of the only type of flightless Dragon.
  • Scarlet Dragon - These are common types of dragon and nothing about them is particularly notable.
  • Stone Dragon - These Dragons are made of stone and live in or around Rgatikie.