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Sethanic Sethanic 1 September 2013

First Blog Post

Hello there, this is my first blog post on the Wiki and the first for the Wiki itself. At this time, we have 38 pages and Zeokx said we'd write more about Chaos then, so I'm pretty damn excited.

The reason I got around to doing this post is because I have edited the Wiki 100 times! Most recently on the Sand Elves page. Which I believe is an achivement. That's 2-3 edits per page, though Zeokx has 212 at this time. :(

If anyone would like to start out on the Wiki or anything like that feel free to leave a message on either my or Zeokx talk pages which can be found here and here respectively.

That's all for now though, so later! Sethanic (talk)

P.S: For just name and talk page just put three ~ instead of four.

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